The Post/Colonial Museum

Debatte: Tacit Racism is Institutionalized in Interaction in the US: What about Elsewhere?

Ausgabe 2 | 2021

The African museum landscape is changing. A new generation of scholars and curators is setting international standards for the reappraisal and revision of colonial collections, the conception of curatorial spaces, and the integration of new groups of actors. In the face of the ghostly survival of colonial epistemologies in archives, displays, and architectures, it is a matter of breaking up institutional encrustations and infrastructures, inventing new museum practices, and bringing archives to life. Scholars and museum experts predominantly working in Africa and South America discuss the post/colonial history of museums, their political-economic entanglements, the significance of diasporic objects, as well as the prospects for restitution and its consequences. The contributions to this issue of ZfK are all presented in English.

Based on the works of Waverly Duck and Anne Rawls, the debate section is devoted to forms of everyday racism and the way interaction orders of race are institutionalized.

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  • Introduction: The Post/Colonial Museum
    Anna Brus, Martin Zillinger


  • The Uganda Museum’s Tribal Representation: Colonial Repositories and Community Reconciliation in Uganda
    Nelson Abiti
  • Challenges of Re-Writing the Iziko Ethnographic Collections Archives: Some Lessons from the Khomani San/Bushmen Engagement
    Paul Tichmann, Lynn Abrahams
  • Problematic Museum Heritage in a Postcolonial Context: The Case of the Moto Moto Museum Chisungu Collection
    Mary Mbewe
  • Eugen Zintgraff’s Diary as a Document of Theft and Destruction of Art Treasures in the Colonial Context
    Richard Tsogang Fossi
  • »The Mystery of the Konkomba’s Severed Thumbs«. Historical Fact, Colonial Rumour or Legend of the Defeated?
    Bernard Müller
  • The Museum of Black Civilisations, between History and Utopia
    Sabrina Moura
  • On the Possibility of the Post/Colonial Museum
    Silvie Kassi, Nanette Snoep, Martin Zillinger
  • Beyond the Museum – The Bandjoun Station
    Barthélémy Toguo, Anna Brus, Bernard Müller
  • Trafficking Vague Cosmological Boundaries. Towards Knowing Experiential Relationality in Museum Epistemics
    Helen Verran


  • Images and Text. Evidence and Fiction: An Untimely Alliance with the Photography Archive of Margot Dias and Jorge Dias
    Catarina Simão


  • Introduction: Discussing ›Tacit Racism‹
    Michi Knecht, Martin Zillinger
  • Tacit Racism is Institutionalized in Interaction in the US: What about Elsewhere?
    Anne Warfield Rawls, Waverly Duck
  • Repliken
    Jean Beaman | Giolo Fele | Martijn de Koning | Christian Meyer | Levent Tezcan | Anne Warfield Rawls | Waverly Duck